Behind the Scenes


…the Author

Kevin Miller is a developer living and working in San Diego, CA. With over 8 years of experience programming in dozens of languages, the web is his true passion. Kevin’s focus has always been on how to use the web in new and interesting ways, to really push the boundaries. From this we have seen things like Simple Buttons, LightWindow and Accordion.

His interests are ever-changing… stay tuned to see what comes next!

…the Site

This site is brand new, locked and loaded in just 3 short days. The intention is still a little fuzzy, but we know this for sure, you will find new and creative experiments in CSS/JS/PHP/Ruby etc as often as Kevin’s brain can come up with them. Also, relevant news (to this industry) will also be shared from time to time.

Stick around and lets see how she grows up!

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