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YES Television Widget

» December 19th, 2008 » 283 Comments

Preview the next big way to see and hear your local radio stations.

Upgraded Typography with sIFR3

» December 19th, 2008 » 3 Comments

If you haven’t noticed all of the typography on this site looks a little nicer, a little more ‘Aliased’.

Holy Grail Layout

» December 8th, 2008 » 16 Comments

There are so many ‘Holy Grail’ layouts around, I decided to make on of my own. This one is very simple, very light, and very very flexible.

Simply-Buttons Technique

» December 6th, 2008 » 25 Comments

Re-Rediscovering the Button Tag. Taking another look we see that not only can we style the link element to mimic a nice button, but the button element as well. With buttons that look and behave this good, why even think of using an input tag!


» December 6th, 2008 » 29 Comments

I had some time the other day and whipped up a quick PHP wrapper for the API. Check it out, and let me know of any thoughts you may have on it.

Free YES Radio API

» December 4th, 2008 » 6 Comments

Jeremie Miller has been hard at work over at He has created something really special here, it’s an api (JSON/XML) that allows you to get real-time information about actual physical Radio Stations.

Grand Opening

» December 1st, 2008 » 63 Comments

The new home of Kevin Miller, welcome!