Gravity Forms – Update Post Plugin v0.5.1 Released

» April 28th, 2012 » 64 Comments

This plugin has been a labor of love and frustration at times as I am sure my colleague Ron Sparks can attest. This is the first release of a plugin for the Gravity Forms. With this plugin you can setup a post form and then pass a post ID to it, allowing the front end […]


Simply-Buttons v2

» November 11th, 2009 » 96 Comments

The new version of Simply-Buttons is out! Now framework independent and with more options to customize them. Why have ordinary inputs on your site that look and behave differently in every browser when you deserve better? Get clean, crisp, consistent 3 state buttons for your site.


WP Additions – Pagination

» November 7th, 2009 » 42 Comments

Pagination in the Wordpress Administration has always been a bit tedious when you have hundreds if not thousands of rows to go through.   This is no longer an issue, the WP Additions – Pagination plugin converts the pagination for a variety of panels (posts, pages, comments, users) to an ajax pagination slider.   This slider allows you to easily and quickly scroll your posts for example, getting right to what you want without the fuss.


Site Maintenance

» January 20th, 2009 » 60 Comments

I have decided I don’t like a number of things on the new site, not that I expected to stick with everything in the first place.


YES Television Widget

» December 19th, 2008 » 282 Comments

Preview the next big way to see and hear your local radio stations.


Upgraded Typography with sIFR3

» December 19th, 2008 » 3 Comments

If you haven’t noticed all of the typography on this site looks a little nicer, a little more ‘Aliased’.


Holy Grail Layout

» December 8th, 2008 » 16 Comments

There are so many ‘Holy Grail’ layouts around, I decided to make on of my own. This one is very simple, very light, and very very flexible.


Simply-Buttons Technique

» December 6th, 2008 » 25 Comments

Re-Rediscovering the Button Tag. Taking another look we see that not only can we style the link element to mimic a nice button, but the button element as well. With buttons that look and behave this good, why even think of using an input tag!



» December 6th, 2008 » 29 Comments

I had some time the other day and whipped up a quick PHP wrapper for the API. Check it out, and let me know of any thoughts you may have on it.


Free YES Radio API

» December 4th, 2008 » 6 Comments

Jeremie Miller has been hard at work over at He has created something really special here, it’s an api (JSON/XML) that allows you to get real-time information about actual physical Radio Stations.